I want to start off by saying Dr. Joffe is absolutely amazing. I was having terrible neck/back pains. One of my friends suggested I see Dr. Joffe because she only heard great things. Every time I go to him, I feel incredible after his adjustments. He is truly an amazing chiropractor. But as amazing as he is at his job, more importantly, he is that much greater of a person. He cares about all of his patients. When I walk into his office, the first thing he asks is how my family is doing. He is genuinely an amazing person and will always ‘have your back’ (pun intended). I highly recommend Dr. Joffe. - Jon F.

Dr Peter Joffe is one of the best chiropractors I have ever been to. He’s professional, knowledgeable, compassionate and a real genuine person that loves to help his patients. Regardless of what issues you might have you need to make an appointment, do yourself a favor. He’ll put treatment plan especially designed for you that works. I highly recommend that you give him a shot! - Leon S.

Dr. Joffe is a great guy with excellent bed-side manners and manages all customers and their needs without disappointing anyone.

If you need to see a chiropractor and are struggling to get an appointment in a reasonable period of time, call dr. Joffe , he will accommodate you, despite of his super busy schedule.

He spends plenty of time with new patients, assessing them and making honest and in-depth recommendations. - Syed A.

Dr. Joffee does incredible work! I went in the summer for lower back pain. It only took a very few adjustments to feel relief. I continue to go to him because he is caring and excellent at what he does! He knows all of his clients by name, and to me that’s important! - Lisa V.

Dr. Joffee is an outstanding chiropractor! He is personable and extremely knowledgeable in what he does. He is always willing to work with me when my schedule changes and I always feel so much better after leaving his office. My entire family highly recommends Dr. Joffee! - Diana H.

Dr. Joffe is absolutely amazing! I have had back pain for over 10 years, I woke up one morning a few months back and couldn’t move. I called Dr. Joffe for the first time and he was able to see me within a half hour and I have been going to him twice a week ever since. Dr Joffe has helped me tremendously get back to doing the things I enjoyed before the pain! - Katie A.

I first started going to Dr. Joffe when I had horrible lower back pain and migraines. I felt terrible and couldn’t find relief anywhere. After a few adjustments I couldn’t believe the difference. I have been getting migraines since I was 9, and Dr. Joffe’s adjustments have almost made them completely stop. Since that time he has continued to help with any pain I am having - whether it’s back pain, a stiff neck or pain in my jaw from clenching. I’m always recommending him, and now my husband, sisters, and brothers all come as well. (Dr. Joffe also helped my 9 year old’s sudden neck pain in time for him to start his soccer season!)If you have any type of pain or stiffness or just don’t feel like yourself, Dr. Joffe will help you find that relief! - Crystal S.

I have been a patient of Dr Joffe for about 4 months. I came in for chronic neck and back pain. Within a few weeks I was starting to get tremendous relief. If anyone is looking for a caring chiropractor and that one on one attention, give him a call. - Karli V.